Our Inspection Services

  • Residential homes
  • New build
  • Multi-family units
  • Draw inspections
  • Horse properties & barns
  • Commercial buildings
  • Pools & spas
  • Home Energy/Safety Audit

What We Inspect

Exterior walls, main electrical panel, electrical wiring, main water / gas valves and lines, patios and decks, garage, driveways, sidewalks, grading, main sprinkler valves, pools and spas, etc.


Roof and roof-related systems, attic area, chimney, eaves, soffits, fascias, flashings, skylights, plumbing, electrical, ductwork, insulation, venting, joist, framing, trusses, etc.


Foundation, sub-floor, basements, plumbing, electrical, posts and girders, crawl spaces, ductwork, floor insulation, venting, excessive moisture, complete under-home inspection, etc.


Heating and cooling systems, built-in appliances, counters, cabinets, water heater, fireplaces, smoke detectors, laundry area, tubs, toilets, showers, complete interior walls, ceilings, doors, windows, electrical, plumbing, slab foundations, steps / stairways.

Draw Inspections
From ground work to finish building, for underground utilities to commercial properties and new home construction to additions. At what ever point your contractor is, we can be your eyes to verify it's built correctly. We can even tailor an inspection to just one aspect of the construction (roof, plumbing, electrical, etc).